Chateau de Bachelards


Chateau de Bachelards
No carbonic maceration and no chemicals. Countess Alexandra is a pioneer of premium biodynamic winemaking in Beaujolais

Revolutionary wines from Beaujolais

The wines have their own identity and are unlike any others; they specifically express the Château des Bachelards’ terroir.

Pioneers in organic and biodynamic agriculture in Fleurie, Moulin-à-Vent and Saint-Amour. Their wines have been certified organic since 2007, DEMETER since 2015 and Biodyvin since 2020. When it comes to naturalness and biodynamic farming, Bachelards ticks all the boxes. Gamay, their king grape variety of granitic soils, is one of the rare French indigenous grape varieties. Less than 10% of the grape varieties planted in France are. These wines are unique and distinctive.

Chateau de Bachelards

Fleurie Comtesse de Vazeilles Chateau des Bachelards


Unique, Biodynamic and with the finesse of Burgundy and charm of Rhone valley
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Fleurie Comtesse de Vazeilles Chateau De Bachelards 2018
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