About ‘82

1982 Bordeaux wine is a historic year for a myriad of reasons

It was the first true vintage of the modern age ushering in a new style of Bordeaux wine. It was a long time coming. Not since 1961, 21 years earlier, had wines of this consistent level of quality been produced.
The vintage conditions were close to perfect from start to finish. All this produced a historic Bordeaux vintage that remains revered today. Once the wine had finished fermentation, it was easy to see that 1982 Bordeaux wine was packed with layers of dense, rich, ripe, fresh fruit, opulent, sensuous textures and purity that had not been seen for decades.
1982 Bordeaux wine is also the vintage famous for launching the career of the world’s most successful wine critic, Robert Parker. Parker’s non stop, exuberant praise of 1982 Bordeaux wine earned him the respect of a new generation of wine lovers that continued for more than 4 decades.
It was the first vintage to have mass appeal to American drinkers who bought at 40 dollars a barrel in 1983 and can now sell at a whopping 3500 dollars a barrel. The first vintage of great investment?

If we sip the wine, we find dreams coming upon us out of the imminent night

D. H. Lawrence

About the founder

Andrew was born into a family were food and family reign supreme. The family dining table was always the hearth of their home.

After attending Malta's Institute of Tourism Studies, graduating in hotel operations, Andrew went on to manage food and beverage outlets across Malta including 24 hour restaurants, wine-bars and chic restaurants. He eventually went on to get his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) whilst working with an event management company, organising some of the most luxurious events on the Maltese islands. Although he never ventured far from gastronomy, Andrew went on to set up an international business supplying superyachts with fine and rare wine and food on behalf of Salvo Grima & Sons Ltd. The Business, No12 Fine Wines and Provisions was set up in Malta and shortly expanded to Mallorca and Barcelona in Spain, quickly becoming one of the most recognised superyacht suppliers in the Mediterranean.

In 2022 Andrew decided to embark on a new challenge. Using all his knowledge and experience working with some of the best people in the superyacht industry, he founded Vintage'82.

Andrew aims to bring the same level of quality, hospitality and standards from one of the most luxurious industries in the world to the Maltese Islands. His wants to share is passion for fantastic quality wines with his friends and clients of Vintage'82.

A father of two mischievous boys and married to Roberta, who not only supports him in his busines ventures, but also in his active lifestyle of long distance swimming and running. Having formed part of ‘Wave of Change’, an NGO aimed at promoting awareness on pollution in our seas. Together with world-record holder Neil Agius and 3 other mates, Andrew swam non-stop and unassisted 38KM around the Island of Gozo as part of the campaign.  

About the company

Someone once told me that I’m not a salesman because I only sell what I like. I was initially rather annoyed, but in hindsight he was right.  I agree wholeheartedly!

So, I when I decided to open 'Vintage82' I was adamant in only importing wines that I am happy to drink. I wouldn't need to be a 'salesman' ever again.

Having spent a decade buying and selling premium & ultra-premium quality wines to Super yachts and Mega yachts across the Mediterranean, I also wanted to share some of this premium quality wine with my friends.

The experience of sourcing and selling some of the finest quality brands around the world, gave me insight into the world of 'wine-investment'.

I was intentionally investing in wines now, to sell at a profit later. If I could do it for the business, I was sure I could do it for my friends.

At Vintage82, we use our knowledge, contacts, and experience to purchase some of the most investment-worthy wines the world can offer and then help sell them.

1982 was the perfect time for American wine drinkers to invest in Bordeaux in a big way, which is exactly what happened. The wine world will never be the same again- Hence, the name!

Barrels of the 1982 vintage bought at 40 dollars a barrel in 1983, now fetch a whopping 3500 dollars.