Yacht supply & Private Jet supply

Passionate, experienced and Knowledgeable

Offering the complete solution to your fine wines, spirits & tobacco needs on board your yacht, super yacht, mega yacht or private jet.

We understand that working on a yacht gives you no time to jump through hoops in order source those fine bottles of wines & spirits. Besides the long hours spent trying to find the wines/spirits, you are invariably faced with issues such as:

  • Authenticity of the product. Can you imagine buying that great bottle of wine, only to realize it's fake? There are so many counterfeit wines, it takes a professional to spot them. You can read more here
  • Storage and provenance. Can you guarantee the wine was stored perfectly since it's release from the winery? Even a couple of days in bad storage may have been enough to spoil the wine. Read more here
  • Logistics. Empty promises and logistical nightmares. It's way too often that the supplier just doesn't come through, leaving you scrambling at the last minute to find an alternative. We understand that the Logistics industry is a slow and inflexible industry, so those suppliers who just don't understand the meaning of urgent are really infuriating. We get you!
  • Pricing. Prices can vary so much especially when dealing with fine and rare wines & spirits from different vintages. How do you know which prices are fair, opportunistic or just too good to be true?

Our job is to make your wines and spirits provisions easier! Our experience has thought us that our passion & knowledge of fine wines are what gives us the edge.

Fine wine 'Descendent' 2018 by Torbreck Vintners, Australia on board our client's 50M super yacht, right before service
It takes skill and knowledge to know what to do, but it takes passion to follow through in detail

Let us take care of the all the hard work in sourcing all your wines and spirits.

We guarantee:

  • All our wines & spirits are authentic because we only purchase our wines direct from source, or from our trusted and tested suppliers from across the globe.
  • We store our wines in professional, temperature-controlled warehouses in Bordeaux & Malta.
  • To avoid heat stress, our pallet shipments are only made in the winter months under thermal protection, or when faced with no choice in the summer months, we choose refrigerated containers.

Whilst it's important to know what we can do, we love to be clear on what we cannot. We are wine and spirit specialists and though we can also help on premium cigars, we are not specialized in food & technical equipment. Unlike many other provisioners, we leave those jobs to those who are specialized and geared up to do that job.


What we do, we do well!

Specializing in supplying private jets and yachts with the finest wines, spirits and beverages                                                                                                                           (image credits Alex Turnbull)

Our Pricing

Whilst we can never guarantee that our wines and spirits will be the cheapest, our pricing is always fair and based on the current market fluctuations. When possible, we negotiate with our suppliers on your behalf so that we can get the best possible prices, but on those hard-to-find products where our hands can be tied, we will inform you of the situation, giving you all the tools to make the right decisions - we know that a happy client is a returning client.

Besides being exclusive suppliers of some of the finest wines in the world, we also purchase thousands of euros worth of wine every year direct from our suppliers, especially 'en-primeur', which puts us in the perfect position to offer you fantastic value on several super-premium wines.


Send us an email on info@vintage82.eu and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We understand that sometimes orders & requests are urgent. If this is the case, send us a WhatsApp message on +356 79288036 and we'll jump right on it.