Prosecco Rosé
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Prosecco Rosé DOC


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Prosecco Rosé
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Only recently Prosecco Rosé officially became permitted as a brand new style of wine in May 2020, when the Prosecco Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) Consortium updated it's rule of production.

A blend of Glera (the grape variety used for Prosecco) and red grape Pinot Noir which lends colour, elegance and red fruit characteristics such as strawberry. Unlike Brut or Extra Dry Prosecco, The Prosecco Rosé is required to have a vintage date on the bottle indicating the year of harvest.

Residual sugar: 8G/L

Food pairing suggestion:

This Prosecco DOC is excellent as an aperitif or even paired throughout a meal. It goes particularly well with grilled vegetables, raw fish, salmon and fresh cheeses such as Burrata.