Pinot Noir 2015
Domaine du Comte de Thun

Pinot Noir


Enjoying a Pinot Noir from Gaillac means leaving the traditional perception of ​​this grape and curiously embarking on a personal and original journey that you won't regret

Pinot Noir 2015
Ready, but will keep

Delicately scented with irresistible, sweet fruit: pure black cherry and blueberry, black pepper, peppermint and even delicate aromas of bacon. Its fine tannins, juiciness and fresh acidity dance in your mouth for ages. A somewhat spicy minerality?

Nobody ever imaged a Pinot Noir from Gaillac (a region known for powerful, high tannic wines), but here is one and it's great - this is a Pinot Noir with its own character!

Food Pairing: Due to being light but also powerful, this wine is fantastic with Pasta and light meats, however it can also handle BBQ and is perfect with hard cheeses.