Chateau Guiraud

Le G de Château Guiraud Blanc Sec (dry)


The 2020 vintage of the G de Chateau Guiraud cuvée offers you a harmonious and aromatic Bordeaux white wine.
Le G du Château Guiraud Blanc Sec
Ready, but will improve

Probably one of the most gourmet dry white wines in the Bordeaux appellation. A pioneer of sustainable and organic practices in the world of the 1er Grands Crus (the estate has been using them since 1996), the 2020 vintage is their 10th successive organic vintage and has established itself as one of the sure values of the Sauternes 1er Grands Crus Classés.


This Bordeaux Blanc blend stands out from much of the competition because it's partially aged in barrels that the year before created the 1er cru Château Guiraud Sauternes. Harvested like a Sauternes, manually by successive sorting, and matured by the Chateau’s team in barrels that have been used for the maturing of the Sweet Grand Vin, this balanced blend of Sauvignon and Semillon offers a singular expression of the Sauternes terroir,in its “dry” version.

Made organically and stirred on texture-gifting lees, The wine is both dense and fresh. The hint of hazelnut butter combines with peach, tangerine and citrus notes, ending in a lively and seductive finish on the palate