Bourgogne Blanc Retour des Flandres Regnard
Maison Régnard

Bourgogne Blanc 'Retour des Flandres'


A great introduction to white Burgundy without breaking the bank

Bourgogne Blanc Retour des Flandres Regnard
Ready, but will keep

Whether you're new to Burgundy wines or a long-time admirer, the Bourgogne Blanc "Retour des Flandres" by Regnard offers a smooth and approachable experience. Its balance of floral and fruity notes, along with its refined structure, embodies the essence of Burgundy's winemaking tradition. Enjoy this remarkable wine and explore the legacy of one of the region's most esteemed wineries.

Régnard is among the oldest wineries in Burgundy, established by Zéphir Régnard in the latter part of the 19th century.

The Bourgogne Blanc "Retour des Flandres" by Regnard is a quintessential white Burgundy crafted from 100% Chardonnay. This regional appellation wine is produced with grapes from the Maconnais area, located south of the Côte d'Or in southern Burgundy. It serves as an excellent introduction to the distinctive qualities of Burgundy whites and is equally enjoyable for those who already appreciate these exceptional wines. Thanks to partial aging in wood, this wine retains its floral and fruity fragrance, enhanced by elegant tertiary aromas.

"Retour des Flandres" is a standout among the many labels produced by Regnard, one of Burgundy's most prestigious wineries. The winery manages vineyards across several territories, including Maconnais, Beaune, Vézelay, and Chablis. Established in 1860, Regnard has remained true to its traditions despite changes in ownership and generations. The winery continues to produce high-quality wines that reflect the unique terroir of Burgundy.

Regnard's philosophy emphasizes environmentally friendly viticulture and the separate vinification of individual parcels. This approach allows for the selection of the best batches to create various labels. Some vineyards' grapes are bottled individually, while others are blended, as in the case of "Retour des Flandres," which is produced from a selection of Chardonnay grapes grown in different areas of the Maconnais region.

The Bourgogne Blanc "Retour des Flandres" is produced only in the finest vintages. Following a meticulous manual harvest, the grapes undergo gentle pressing and fermentation in temperature-controlled steel vats. The wine also undergoes malolactic fermentation and matures for a few months, with two-thirds aged in steel and one-third in wood.

Tasting Notes

The result is an intense, bright straw-yellow wine with a bouquet that features floral aromas, citrus, apple, yellow fruit, and hints of pastry. On the palate, it offers a good structure with ripe fruit flavors complemented by light buttery and honeyed notes. The finish is marked by great freshness and savory undertones, making it a delightful choice for any occasion.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Our go-to is butter-roasted chicken with mash potatoes, but this wine is so versatile (due to its great balance or oak and fruit) it also works with butter-poached fish or cream-based dishes and is also a great combination with finer foods such as scallops, prawns or crab. Vegeterian dishes including cauliflower cheese are also delicious as are rich and decadent mushroom risottos.