Chateau La Conseillante


Chateau La Conseillante
Pomerol is located on a plateau that gently slopes down towards the valley of the Isle river, a tributary of the Dordogne. Reaching 42 metres above sea-level at its highest point, this 800-hectare appellation is situated around a precious central core of clay, known as the Pétrus clay button –la boutonnière.

La Conseillante is a very aromatic wine with great finesse

La Conseillante, as an estate, boasts certain exceptional features. Firstly, its location is unique in the Pomerol appellation landscape where it enjoys an original mix of soils and sub-soils.

Secondly, the wines of La Conseillante, through their faithful expression of the place where they are grown and the meticulous attention lavished on them, are easily recognised by all wine lovers.

Vintage after vintage, La Conseillante’s wines are eagerly sought-after and appreciated for their extreme finesse and soft texture and their characteristic intense bouquet expressing notes of violets and truffles.

Chateau La Conseillante

Chateau La Conseillante


There are very few 2011 wines that are considered superstars. La Conseillante 2011 is one of them. It has opulence, elegance, power and laser-like precision
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Chateau La Conseillante
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