Enprimeur 2023

En Primeur 2023 - What Can we expect?

As the curtain rises on yet another Bordeaux en primeur campaign, oenophiles and connoisseurs worldwide are eagerly anticipating what promises to be an exceptional unveiling of the 2023 vintage. At Vintage82 Ltd., we are thrilled to share insights into this prestigious event/campaign and what it heralds for our clients discerning palates.

Firstly, the aim of the Bordeaux en primeur system is to offer a unique opportunity to purchase wines from the barrel, months (2 years in fact) before they are bottled and released onto the market. This tradition allows enthusiasts to secure coveted vintages at their inception, often at advantageous prices, while also providing producers with crucial feedback and financial support for their future endeavors.

However, the huge price-increases in 2022 has affected many a collectors confidence in the system with many even questioning the relevance of the whole system. We can guarantee you that the Bordelaise have been carefully following the worldwide reaction of the 2022 campaign and even though the last vintage (2022) is said to be legendary, there needs to be a sufficient price cut - if the price cut is what we hope it is, we think we can expect a very interesting and investment-worthy campaign.

So, what can one expect from the 2023 vintage? While each year brings its own unique character and challenges, early indications suggest that 2023 holds immense promise. Blessed with favorable weather conditions throughout the growing season, vintners have been able to nurture grapes of exceptional quality, brimming with flavor and nuance.

The 2023 growing season presented a significant challenge in the form of mildew, a problem not unique to Bordeaux but prevalent across much of Europe. During June, a shift to hot and humid conditions, often described as "tropical," exacerbated the mildew pressure. Mildew, even in small quantities, can impact the taste of wine, yet advancements in modern technology and the diligent efforts of vineyard labor have equipped top Chateaux to combat its spread effectively, ensuring only the finest fruit makes its way to the winery.

Jane Anson notes that the threat of mildew may lead to less consistent results compared to the previous year, with notable disparities between estates. This trend further underscores the economic divide between Bordeaux's affluent and less fortunate producers. Despite these challenges, the overall trajectory of wine quality continues to ascend, indicating that numerous chateaux across sub-regions likely crafted exceptional wines. However, discernment is key, as not every corner of the region may have achieved the same level of excellence, making selective choices imperative. Follow us for our ratings.

The harvest of 2023 stretched into one of the longest on record, lingering well into October. Similar to the conditions experienced in 2018, a late September heatwave prevailed, resulting in early samples showcasing abundant phenolic ripeness. Firm tannins provide structural support to a core of lusciously ripe and expressive fruit.

For our esteemed clientele, including superyachts, Michelin-starred restaurants, and private collectors, the 2023 Bordeaux en primeur campaign presents an unparalleled opportunity to access the crème de la crème of the wine world. The 2023 vintage promises to captivate the senses and elevate every occasion to new heights of indulgence, however if quality is as expected it will all fall down to how much they are willing to reduce the prices from last year. The first Chateaux to release the wines will probably dictate the success of the whole campaign.

Here at Vintage82 Ltd. we stand ready to guide you through the intricacies of the Bordeaux en primeur campaign.

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