Fleur de Fonplegade


This St Emilion Grand Cru is a fresh and forward-style blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc, showing deep notes of red fruit and berries. Velvety tannins and an enticing acidity provide a long and pleasant finish.
Fleur de Fonplegade, Chateau Fonplegade 2018
Ready, but will keep

The second wine of Château Fonplégade.

As is typical of Saint Emilion, this is packed with Merlot, which accounts for the richness. It is Juicy and soft, with a hint of black plum juice, it's balanced by a core of tannins and finishes with acidity. This wine is characterized by a sophisticated minerality, consistent from year to year, with soft and supple tannins and a velvety texture. It is made from the estate's oldest vines, meticulously hand-farmed using organic and biodynamic practices to bring out the finest quality in each cluster. Predominantly Merlot, the blend includes just enough Cabernet Franc to imbue the wine with an elegant tannic structure.

Full bodied, balanced, flavourful and affordable. This 'Fleur de Fonplegade' is one of those wines that is so often the go-to bottle for the local Bordelaise people after a day's work.

Cellaring suggestion: 1-5 years